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General Information

We use Friendly Manager to administer our player registrations, fees, team management, and general communications.

Registration requires the players' age to be entered, and this will determine, in the first instance, which grade the player will be assigned to.  The age applied is the ageon 1 January.

It is possible, for players to change their grade, but this must be done in agreement with the Club Committee.  This is required for Health and Safety considerations.

Once the player is registered in Friendly Manager, they will be able to log in at any time and see information about their team and the Club.

The Club operates a structure whereby Team Coaches liaise with a Co-Ordinator to oversee the management of their section.  If you have any concerns about your team, you should speak to your Coach/Manager first, but if that does not resolve your issue, then you should speak to your Co-Ordinator.

If you have any questions, please fill out the Contact Form.

World of Football (WOF)

Coordinator - Bes Iironi-Irvine - 021 402 106 /

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


10th Grade Coordinator - Brooke Williams - 027 546 4368

12th Grade Coordinator - Kate Simmonds - 022 354 3154

10th Grade Teams - Tigers / Makos / Threshers / Whalers / Hammerheads

12th Grade - Bulldogs / Eagles / Giants / Hawks / Lions / Saints


Coordinator - Sarah Jackson - 027 705 7810 -

13th Grade Teams - Orcas / Owls / Saints

14th Grade Team - Rams

15th Grade Teams - Hawks / Makos

16th/17th Grade Team - Eagles


Coordinator - Richard Gorrett - 022 455 9102 -

Mens Division 1 Team

Womens Division 1 Team

Mens Division 2 Team

Mens Divsion 3 Team

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