Sponsor A Team

Kerikeri Football Club, we would like to thank our Sponsors. Your support will open many new opportunities for players as well as help develop the mechanics necessary to enhance their football skills. As you can imagine, there is a lot of expenses involved in managing a high caliber club. Your sponsorship will provide for the purchase of uniforms, insurances, football gear, travel expenses, food and maintenance costs. Your contribution is not solely a charitable contribution, but is also an advertising opportunity. Without the support of people/ companies like you(rs), we would not be able to exist. Thank you once again for your support of our teams.

-Kerikeri Football Club


Sponsorship of Teams throughout all the age groups is a vital part of the Club . It makes sure that we are able to provide the Teams with the kits and necessary equipment required to see the Team through the Season , as well as giving the Sponsors exposure within the local media , on our Website and on the Northern Football Federation Website as a valued supporter of the Football Club .

There are a number of different Sponsorship packages on offer throughout all age groups from 10th Grade right up to Senior Football .

There are also options for Signage rights at our Waipapa Fields around the number 1 field which give greater photographic exposure each week in the local press .

It would not be possible to put many of these Teams out on the field each Saturday if it was not for the generous support and sponsorship which comes from many of our local Businesses .

To be a major part of Kerikeri Football , contact our Sponsorship Team and take a few minutes to discuss with them how your Business can help our local Club.