Become A Referee




This Season , Kerikeri Football Club are looking to create a small pool of Volunteer Referees to officiate in our Junior and Youth games for the 2013 Season.

Very often each year , games are referreed by parents , or even coaches from the two Teams playing each other with duties being shared between a volunteer from each Team doing half the game each.

Ideally , this Season , we would like to create a small group of Independent Volunteer Referees who would turn up at their given game on a Saturday Morning as a neutral official , and Referee the entire game.

In 10th and 12th Grades this become particularly important in that you are also taking an active role in teaching the young players the rules of the game whilst they are playing.

Northern Football Federation regularly put on Referees Courses from Level 1 right through to being a more serious Referee, thereby being given the opportunity to join the Northland Referees Association and be assigned games around Northland each weekend to control and officiate.

Referees are an integral part of the “ Fair Play “ structure that Football models itself on around the World , and , particularly in the Junior Grades where games are 25 minutes each way in Northland, usually beginning around 9am or 10am in the morning…it is only an hour out of a Saturday Morning to give up and spend helpint the kids, parents and Coaches to enjoy the game.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Referee’s Pool for the 2013 Season , or would like more information , then contact our Referees Co-Ordinator.

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