Become A Coach




One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with any Football Club is the opportunity to Coach one of teams . Whether it be your own son or daughters Team or simply an Adults choice to become more involved with a local Club and take on a Team for a Season .

Initially , the thought can be quite daunting , but it need not be . You may feel that you don’t know enough about the game to be able to make a difference or that it is too much of a commitment .

Yes , it is a commitment and , yes you do have to be involved and be able to communicate with the players and the parents throughout the Season so that everybody is aware of what is happening with your Team .

For those with no Coaching experience , Northern Football Federation put on Junior and Youth Coaching Courses on a regular basis . The Level 1 Junior basic Course lasts for 4 hours and gives you some straight forward knowledge as well as a few skills and drills to put into practice at your Training Sessions .

Much of the off field communication can be delegated to a parent or parents of kids within your Team who may be able to help with  phoning around everybody and letting players know where and when there game is on each week .

There is full support from within the Kerikeri Football Club as well . Depending on the Age Level of your Team , there is a Junior , Youth and Senior Coordinator tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all those Teams within their Age Groups .

Members of the Club , experienced Coaches , players are always happy to come along to Training Sessions to offer help and advice throughout the Season .

Each Coach is given full kit for their Team at the start of the Season , as well as Footballs and Training Gear , first aid kits , training bibs etc . These are the Coaches to look after for the duration of the Season .

A Training Afternoon slot will be arranged a day each week convenient to the Coach for practice and to talk to your Team about the game the previous week , and the game coming up the next week .

The rewarding aspect comes as the Season progresses and you see the young players grow in ability and confidence . Juniors in particular play to their strengths when they are having fun and one of the most satisfying parts of the job is standing up there at Prize Giving at the end of the Season and acknowledging the contributions of all of your players .

So why not give it a go . The Club is always looking for Coaches in the Junior and Youth grades , so contact a Coordinator now and express your interest in taking on a Junior or Youth Team at Kerikeri Football Club


if you would like to get involved contact us.